Our Founders

Late Lion Lady Jayashree K. Kotian & Late Lion Principal K.B.Kotian

Founded in the year 1969 by the hero, the icon, Late Principal K.B.Kotian, Janata Education Society has passed through 50 glorious years imparting education to thousands of students through English & Marathi medium and continues to rise in its legacy.

The Glory Of Humble Beginnings

With almost no money, at the age of 12, Lion K.B Kotian moved to Bombay. He worked at a hotel in the day and managed to go to a night school after work. After he graduated from the night school, he went on to teach there as well. On most nights he would be studying under a lamp post!

A man who knew the importance of education from the very beginning, Lion K.B Kotian; was also a man of commendable and consistent grit. He managed to balance work and paid for his own education. While he has a number of degrees to his name, he completed them by working his fingers to the bone. After completing his BA, he studied B.Ed and even completed his LLB and Diploma in Industrial Labour, all while looking after his entire family. He upgraded his education continuously as it came to him naturally, being a lifelong learner.

Coming from a small town, did not limit his big dreams. Even though he had a stable job at Times of India, one of the most renowned newspapers in the country, he knew he was made for something bigger.

In 1978, he decided to take the biggest risk of his life and quit his job to commence his journey as an educator. He focused his energy completely towards Janata Education Society and never looked back. But he wasn’t alone in his noble endeavour. He was always accompanied by his pillar of strength, his wife, Late Jayashree Kotian.

A short encounter with her was enough to leave the person with a strong impression of her unfathomable kindness and generosity. Over the years, she had acquired the title of ‘Annapoorneshwari’: a woman whose house beams with hospitality, whether that came in the form of food, education or just genuine compassion for the people.

It goes without saying that the staff, the management, the students and everyone involved with the Janata Education Society make up a whole family on its own but it is equally true that she is Amma, a mother, to not just her own children but to this entire close knitted family as well.

Half a century later, we can proudly say that the Great Lion Principal K. B. Kotian and Lady Jayashree K. Kotian paved the way for a couple unembellished classrooms to transform into the respectable institution that the school is today, an institution constantly striving to do more for those granted with far less.

We hope to take this institute to greater heights and consistently work for their cause.

An exemplary Man With a vision

Who kindled the homes of a countless lives

You etched your name in the history of time

through your selfless,dedicated and noble work

Forever you will live in the grateful hearts.

“A mentor who has attained immortality”