News and Announcements

Braille Day (by Muskan Foundation)

Date: 4th January 2024
Venue: Purushottam High School

Muskan Foundation collaborates with the schools to help the students to develop empathy towards the visually challenged.

Their main goal is to create awareness and concern among students for the blind, and develop a right attitude towards them and help them.

The session was conducted under the able guidance of our Director Mrs.Prema Kotian, Principal Mrs . Prasanna Mohandas, Asst. Principal Mrs. Vandana Kamble and Supervisor Mr. Ashok Korade.

The session began with a brief introduction of Braille Day by Ms. Priya, Ms. Sonam and Ms. Pranali followed by an interactive session.

The students enthusiastically participated in all the activities which were thoroughly enriching experience for them, as the volunteers used different instrument like Braille writing system for blind which are used by blind people.

The session concluded with a vote of thanks by Mr. Rajiv Lohat.

International Disability Day

Date: 4th December 2023
Venue: Purushottam High School

The CWSN (LD) students and the entire Purushottam team celebrated the World Disability Day to encourage the CWSN students to participate in various creative activities.The programme began with a motivational speech by MRS Jayshree Kadam . The techer incharge of the CWSN students Mrs. Pradnya Gamare conducted various competitions such as QUIZ, POSTER MAKING,STORY TELLING, SINGING and encouraged the students to focus on their special abilities.

The students were rewarded for their talents and the parents were informed to develop the same.
The Director of the school Mrs Prema Kotian, the Principal Mrs. Prasanna Mohandas and the Asst.headmistress Mrs. Vandana Kamble congratulated the students and wished them many more laurels and success in their future endeavors.

Report of activities performed at Purushottam High School on 2nd December,2023

2nd December 2023
Venue: Purushottam High School
Time: 8:00 am to 10:30 am

Mentors: Navneet Rathod, Anjali Thool, Kanchan Thakare, Siddhi Padwe, Saloni Shinde, Abhiram Nimkar, Asavari Patil, Sakshi Gosavi, Nishit Shah, Aniruddha Kapgate, Gourav Mokhede, Sushmita Nayak, Vanshika Patel, Atharav Ramdin, Mahesh Cheulkar.

Activity 1- Introduction & Icebreaking
Objective: To create a comfortable & relaxed atmosphere among students.
Action: The mentors introduced themselves and after that, the students were asked to introduce themselves and share their hobbies which created a relaxed and welcoming environment.
Outcome: This activity helped the students to express themselves and get to know each other better. It created a relaxed and open environment for the students to connect and build relationships.
Time: 30 min

Activity 2 – Equation Expedition
Objective: To help the students perform mathematical equations quickly.
Action: The students were given equations of addition and subtraction which contained blanks (such as: _+ 5= 4+ 3). The mentors then showed the students how to solve the equations easily. The students could not make a new equation until the mentor checked the current equation.
Outcome: The students tried to perform maths in less time by themselves at the end of the activity and were able to answer the question competitively.
Time: 30 min

Activity 3 – Word Wizards
Objective: To strengthen new vocabulary by having students create sentences using introduced words, promoting understanding & usage.
Action: The mentors introduced new words with their meanings & provided examples to the students. They ensured that the students had a clear understanding of the words. The mentors instructed each student to create sentences using the assigned words. Set a time limit of 5 minutes. Have students from the team present sentences to the class. They concluded the activity with the correct usage of the words and encouraged students to reflect on how they can incorporate these words into their everyday language.
Outcome: Through this activity, the students was able to use and understand the introduced words more effectively. The activity encouraged creative thinking as students constructed sentences that not only used the assigned words but also conveyed meaningful and imaginative ideas.
Time: 30 min

Activity 4 – Musical chair
Objective: To create a lively and engaging atmosphere.
Action: The mentors arranged the chairs in two lines, two less than the number of students. When the music played, the students walked around the chairs. They had to find a chair to sit on as soon as the music stopped. Two chairs were removed after every round and the game continued until only one student remained.
Outcome: This activity encouraged the students to think fast and make quick decisions. They learned to adapt to changing circumstances and handle competition. It provided a break from regular activities and injected some fun and excitement into the day.
Time: 30 min

Decision MakingBy Deloitte Team.

224th November 2023
Venue: Purushottam High School

The volunteers from Deloitte conducted an excellent session on Decision Making for the students of Std 8th to 10th of our school. ‘Decision Making ‘ is a cognitive process of selecting a course of action to form various other options.

It is very important to make the right choice by keeping alternative options rather than making a poor choice.
Wrong choices can reflect heavily on our lives while good choices will enhance our future.
This makes Decision Making an important factor in one’s life.

It was a wonderful session with an excellent use of PPT presentation by the team Deloitte.
They explained that one should follow six steps while making decisions.
1.⁠ ⁠To identify the decision to be made.
2.⁠ ⁠To do a self-assessment.
3.⁠ ⁠To identify the options
4.⁠ ⁠To gather information and data.
5.⁠ ⁠To evaluate the options
6.⁠ ⁠To select one of the options.

The students enjoyed the session as they conducted various activities involving them and made them aware of how important it is to make the right decision at the right time.
Refreshments were provided to the students at the end of the session.
The school management was grateful for the initiative taken by the Deloitte team. They were felicitated with ‘Thank You ‘greeting cards prepared by the students and a letter of appreciation for their noble initiative.

Refresher Course for Scout/Guide Masters by the District Association

26th August 2023
Venue: St Teresa’s Convent High School, Santacruz West

An activity based refresher course for Scouts/Guides Masters was organised by the District Association at St Teresa’s Convent High School- Santacruz West.

Mrs Jayashree Chury,Mrs Sona Singh and Mr Jagdish Gharat represented our school.The refresher course provided information on online registration and creation of UID.

Mrs Shobha,Mrs Radha,Mrs Sarita,Mr Zahid,Mr Bolar were the trainers for the day .

They refreshed the techniques of tying various types of knots, first aid as well as lashing through written and practical work.

The session conducted with the felicitation of the participants with participation certificate.


26th August 2023
Organisers: MET Institute of Management

Project Adhyapan is a non-profit programme and an initiative by the Management students at the MET Institute of Management which is led by Dr. Farida Virani. They collaborate with the schools to help the students develop their academic as well as life skills.
Their main goal is to provide knowledge and attitude to the students so that they will prepare themselves for their future endeavours.

Mr. Rajiv Lohat and Mrs. Rutuja Ghanekar along 15 students of our school participated in the Adhyapan activity under the able guidance of our Director Mrs.Prema Kotian, Principal Mrs . Prasanna Mohandas, Asst. Principal Mrs. Jyothi Uchil and Supervisor Mr. Ashok Korade.

The session began with a brief introduction of the volunteers by Mr.Rajiv followed interactive activities like Grammar, Vocabulary,Basic Mathematics and Vedic Maths .

The students enthusiastically participated in all the activities and thoroughly enjoyed them ,as the volunteers used a play way method to explain the various concepts.

The session concluded with a vote of thanks by Mrs Rutuja.

Nature Trail

26th August 2023
Maharashtra Nature park (Mahim)
Organisers: KFT

‘Kids for Tigers’ by Sanctuary Nature Foundation sponsored by Mr Anant Bajaj (Paryavaran Mitra) and Bajaj Electricals had organised a Nature Trail to Mahim Nature Park.

Mr.Pratap Mokase , Mrs.Manisha Kharat along 8 students from the Vasundhara Club ( Nature Club of Purushotam High School) participated in the trail under the able guidance of our Director Mrs.Prema Kotian and Principal Mrs . Prasanna Mohandas, Asst. Principal Mrs. Jyothi Uchil and Supervisor Mr. Ashok Korade.

Maharashtra nature park, Mahim also known as MNP is the Green Heaven amidst the concrete jungle in the city of Mumbai.
As we reached the park we experienced the beauty of nature in the forest.
We were informed that the forest we see today was a garbage dumping ground 20 years ago turned into a best natural habitat for a variety of species .
Located on Bandra-Sion Link Road and on the Southern bank of Mithi River this mini-forest is nothing short of a miracle

The brick paths of the park leads to the visitors a beautiful and enriching forest-like setting . It houses about 76 varieties of butterflies, more than 125 species of birds, and as many as 14,000 plants of 300 different varieties, including at least 100 kinds of woody trees and a wealth of herbs and shrubs.
It also has a various insects, spiders, reptiles and amphibians.
Here, one feels the pulse of nature.

Ms.Mrunal from KFT team explained about the various medicinal plants and it’s uses, rain water harvesting, vermiculture and vermicompost. The students enjoyed being one with nature.

The students were felicitated with certificates by the KFT team

We sincerely thank the KFT team Mrs.Amandeep and Parvish Pandya for organising such a wonderful experience . The trail concluded with the Slogan “SAVE NATURE ,SAVE TIGER”🐅🌳🌿🌱🪵🌵

Seminar on Train The Trainers

26th August 2023

An interactive session by Mr Harish Sharma was organised for the teachers of our school for their professional development.

Mr. Harish Sharma an eminent motivational speaker was the resource person of this enriching session. He was welcomed with a bouquet by the Director of our school Mrs. Prema Kotian . Our Principal Mrs. Prasanna Mohandas introduced the speaker.

The session began with a warming up game in which the the teachers were divided into three groups.

With the help of an excellent PPT presentation he explained the various teaching techniques , qualities of a teacher, basic principles of teaching, importance of a good teacher, perfect classroom, effective teaching tips and problems faced by a teacher.

He further emphasized on the need to motivate the students using techniques like study buddy system, group discussion,etc . So that the students will achieve their desired goals.

He made the session interesting by narrating his own life experiences.

Our director Mrs. Prema Kotian proposed the vote of thanks and presented the guest speaker with a Thank You card and a letter of gratitude for sparing his valuable time and enriching the teachers with an informative and a wonderful session.

Critical Thinking

23rd August 2023
By Deloitte Team

The volunteers from Deloitte conducted a session on Critical Thinking as an initiative for the “VolunCheers Week ” . The students of grades 6th to 8th of our school participated in session.

A wonderful session was conducted by the team Deloitte with an excellent use of PPT presentation.
It was indeed a very informative and interactive session by the team.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the session as various activities were conducted by the volunteers to make them understand the importance of critical thinking.
Refreshments were provided to the students at the end of the session.

The school management expressed their gratitude for the initiative taken by the Deloitte team and they were felicitated with ” Thank You” cards made by the students and a letter of appreciation for the noble initiative.

Pidilite - Flag Art Workshop

14th August 2023
By Pidilite Team

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

Craft activities for the students of Std 5th to 8th was held
in our school. These activities were conducted by Mrs Nilofour and her team from M/s Pidilite indudustries.
Students were given a list of materials to be purchased a week prior along with the topics.

For grade 5th the topic was ‘Indian flag badge’ and for grade 6th to 8th it was ‘Lippan flag art.’ Resource persons of Ms. Nilofour team explained to each class on how to do a particular activity.They were also told to be careful on the usage of the materials brought.

Our students enjoyed the activities like drawing, colouring, pasting, clay moulding, canvassing etc.

The students learnt the art of making the tricolour flags and also it’s importance.

Photographs were clicked to mark the Pre- Independence Day celebrations.
The school management was grateful for this initiative taken by the Pidilite team.

Independence Day Activity - Quiz Competition

14th August 2023
Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL)

On account of the Independence day celebration, 2023 “Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav” Ms. Nasreen and her team conducted a quiz competition activity based on modern Indian history for the students of std IX and X. Sixty students had enthusiastically participated in the competition. Headmistress Mrs Prasanna Mohandas thanked Nasreen and her team for giving this opportunity to the students to check their knowledge about our country’s rich and diverse historical background.

77th Independence Day

15th August 2023

Let’s celebrate the essence of being an Indian and the privilege of living in a free country. This Independence Day, let’s remember the past, appreciate the present, and work towards a promising future.*

It was a red letter day in the history of India when the country got her freedom on August 15, 1947. It took hundreds of years for us to break shackles of slavery.

Our school celebrated the national festival with great pomp.

The programme began with the introduction by our compere for the day Mrs. Vandana Kamble. She invited our Asst. Principal Mrs. Jyothi Uchil along with Director Mrs. Prema Kotian , Asst. Director Dr. Lata Sagar , Chairman Mr. Sharad Kotian , Secretary Rajesh Kotian , Principal Mrs. Prasanna Mohandas and along with retired teachers Mr. Dilip Lad and Mrs. Jayanti Kotian to hoist the national flag.

The students of the secondary section paid tribute to the tricolour with the national anthem and melodious flag songs followed by
the pledge.

Our founders Lion K.B Kotian and Lion Lady Jayashree Kotian were fondly remembered on the occasion.

There were few cultural programmes, wherein the students from the KG, Primary, and Secondary sections passionately took part.

The play performed by the Secondary section, which highlighted the significance of environmental conservation, served as an enlightening experience.

Our student, Aditya Jaiswar, who had undergone a successful kidney transplant in the month of June, was granted a sum of Rs. 50,000 , which is a contribution from the teachers of the secondary section was handed over to the mother who is also the donor, to assist with his medical expenses .

Later in the event, the distinguished achievers of the SSC examinations for the year 2022-23 were honoured for their remarkable achievements.

Furthermore, the function proceeded with a heartfelt farewell for Mrs. Jayanti Kotian, Mr. Dilip Lad, and Mr. Sunil Pawar.

The farewell began with prayer song by Mrs.Sonadevi.
Mrs Jayashree Kadam and Mrs. Edna Borhade shared their experiences working with Mr Dilip Lad and Mrs Jayanti Kotian.

Our director Mrs Prema Kotian expressed her gratitude towards Mrs. Jayanthi Kotian and Mr. Dilip Lad for their remarkable service in the school.

Later Mrs. Jayanthi Kotian and Mr Dilip Lad shared journey in this institution.

A sumptuous lunch was arranged on the occassion by the retired teachers.

Director Mrs. Prema Kotian director proposed the vote of thanks thanking our Principal Mrs Prasanna Mohandas, AHM. Mrs Jyothi Uchil supervisor Mr. Ashok Korade, teachers , parents , students and the support staff for their contribution.

It was indeed a wonderful day where each and everyone truly enjoyed.

77th Independence Day

15th August 2023

On the occasion of Independence day celebration 2023 ” Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav ” the West Mumbai Suburban Bharat Scout and Guide District Association, Mumbai had organised various competitions under the theme Nation First Always First.

They were as follows :
1) Patriotic costume competition
2) Slogan competitions for Scout and Guide students wherein 10 students of Std VIII, IX and X of our school participated and bagged the following three prizes:

Patriotic costume competition
1st prize – Mehul Santosh Kushwha of Std. VIIIB

Slogan competition
1st prize – Ronit Ranjan Basak of Std. VIIIA
3rd prize – Raj Pradeep Gamre of Std. VIIIA

Teacher incharge:
Mrs.Jayshree Girish Chury.

Hearty congratulations to the entire team 💐.

Inauguration of Computer Laboratory

18th July 2023

The new Computer Laboratory was inaugurated at Purushottam High School on 18th of July,2023 by the Director Mrs Prema Kotian in the presence of Senior Director of ADAPT Mrs Rekha Vijaykar, Asst Director Dr Lata Sagar,Management Members, Headmistress Prasanna Mohandas, Asst Headmistress Mrs Jayanthi Kotian, Supervisor Mrs Jyothi Uchil, Teaching staff and Non-Teaching members.It was a moment of great joy as it was the birthday of the Director that paid off to inauguration. The hard work and perseverance of computer – incharge Mr Amar Yadav was well praised by the Management Members.Mrs Rekha Vijaykar congratulated and stated that PHS is one of the best schools of the H- ward with a strong, progressive leadership and wished for an escalating future. The newly renovated Computer Laboratory is equipped with 64 plus computers which would fulfill the requirement of a class of more than 64 students.

Investiture Ceremony

10th July 2023

The investiture ceremony was held at Purushottam High School in the presence of Director Mrs Prema Kotian, Principal Mrs Prasanna, Mohandas , Assistant Headmistress Mrs Jayanthi Kotian and Supervisor Mrs Jyothi Uchil.This ceremony was held to encourage and kindle leadership qualities in the young minds.The students’ council of monitors and prefects for the academic year 2023-24 was formed. Headboy,Asst Headboy,Headgirl & Asst Headgirl were successfully inducted through the process of voting. They were grilled to check their leadership qualities, discipline & knowledge. Our Director Madam and Principal congratulated the Head Boy and the Head Girl.They were awarded with their badges. The Director of our school Ms.Prema Kotian motivated the students with her golden words about their duties and responsibilities which are two sides of the same coin,that would be fulfilled through out the academic year. Headmistress Mrs Prasanna Mohandas encouraged the students to keep up the good spirit while performing their duties.

Tree Plantation

7th July 2023

The Tree plantation programme was conducted by the scout and guide students at Purushottam High school. Asst. Director Mrs Lata Madam and Headmistress Mrs Prasanna Mohandas planted the saplings. Asst Headmistress Mrs Jayanthi Kotian and Supervisor MrsJyothi Uchil were also present. Lata Madam guided the students on how to sow seeds and plants. She also asked the students to take care of the plants in their scout and guide periods .
The students were briefed about the importance of growing plants to save the Mother Earth and how it would help to decrease the global warming .The slogans of “grow more plants ” were raised by the students. The programme concluded in a very cheerful manner under the guidance of teachers Mrs. Neelam and Mr. Gharat.

Seminar on Global Warming and Possible Solutions to Reduce it

5th July 2023

A seminar on ‘Global warming and possible Solutions to reduce it ‘ was held for the students of std X to create awareness on the harmful effects of Global Warming on our Mother Earth.

This constructive initiative was taken by Mr Nilesh S Sawant , an Electronics and Electrical Engineer by profession.

The seminar started with the introduction of the guest by our AHM Mrs Jayanthi Kotian.

Mr Nilesh Sawant began the session by asking the questions to students about the meaning of Global warming.

Through various ppt presentation Mr Nilesh Sawant explained the reasons and after effects that would cause destructions on the inhabitants and other living beings on this planet.

Through his presentation
he displayed the various causes of Global warming like the uses of fossil fuel, increase in live stock farming ,vehicular pollution etc. which would lead to the melting of the glacier thereby increasing sea levels and other climatic risks.

He enlightened the students by emphasizing less use of fossil fuel, car pooling,and more use of public transport etc to reduce the Global warming.

The session was interactive and many students animatedly participated in this session.

This session being the need of the hour was well appreciated and words of gratitude were expressed to our Director Mrs Prema Kotian, Assistant Director Mrs Lata Sagar and Head mistress Mrs Prasanna Mohandas.
In the concluding session our AHM Mrs Jayanthi Kotian thanked the honourable guest Mr Nilesh S Sawant for sparing his valuable time and directing the young minds of our school to REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE of available resources towards the conservation of the environment.

Orientation Session for the Parents of std - VII A,B & VIII A,B,C,D&E

5th July 2023

“A parent is a teacher at home and a teacher is a parent in school and the child is the centre of our universe.”

Under the able guidance of our Asst.Director Mrs Lata madam ,Principal Mrs Prasanna Mohandas and AHM Mrs Jayanthi Kotian an orientation session was organized for the parents of std VII A,B &VIII A ,B, C, D, E.

The aim was to orient the parents , ” as partners in progress ” along with school authorities to work out a common future road map for their kids.

The session commenced with a warm welcome to the parents by our AHM Mrs Jayanthi Kotian and introduced the speaker of the day Mrs Rekha Vijaykar ma’am an experienced teacher, Principal, Director of Gurunanak High School ,Khar(w) and a Senior Director at ADAPT.
Our Asst. Director Mrs Lata ma’am addressed the gathering by introducing two new sports activities, Cricket and Karate classes for the academic year 2023- 2024 and it’s important role in physical, mental and emotional development of the child.Further Mr Vijay Shigvan ( Karate sir) and Ms Pallavi Kejriwal both sensitized the parents about the inclusion of sports activities and its benefits in teaching life skills to enhance their personality development.

Later Mrs Rekha ma’am briefed about the various issues of the children and provided guidelines about effective parenting through PPT.
She explained how parents play a crucial role in shaping a child’s personality, character, habit,& emotional development.
The orientation was further continued by Mrs Noorjahan from Ashana Trust .
She explained about the stress management to the parents as well as for children.
The Headmistress Mrs Prasanna ma’am concluded the session by asking them to follow the guidelines of the school and encourage their kids to participate enthusiastically in various co – curricular activities conducted by the school.

Orientation Session For The Parents Of Std.IX Students

4th July 2023

Our AHM Mrs Jayanti Kotian welcomed the parents and introduced the speaker for the day Mrs Rekha Vijaykar. An experienced Teacher, Principal, Director and at present a Senior Director at ADAPT.She explained to the parents the importance of punctuality,personal hygiene, importance of studying regularly and Affinity towards school.
She made the parents aware, how they should develop a positive relationship with their
children to bring about a change in their child’s growth.
The orientation was further continued by Mrs Noorjahan Safiya Niyaz from Ashana Trust.
She explained to the parents how to control their anger and develop positivity by practically performing different exercises.
Mrs Nasreen updated the parents about the different skill development programmes, which will be organized for the students in the school as last year. They were also informed that the various courses would be conducted with a nominal fees and they will be getting a certificate on completion of their respective course . The child has an option to select anyone skill of their choice which will help them in their future career.
The Headmistress Mrs Prasanna Mohandas concluded the session by motivating the parents to follow the guidelines for the betterment of their children and to avail the facilities available within the school premises.

Kuch Aur Session

4th July 2023

Conducted by Ms. Hemangi Sawant
Topic: Introductory Session

The session was attended by the students of VII A,B,C,D,E.
The session began with the introduction of Kuch Aur (PCGT-Public Concern for Governance Trust).

Ms.Hemangi conducted the program with several activities like the games of numbers and sentences . The children enjoyed it a lot. Due to this the children understood the importance of listening and concentrating while the teacher is teaching.

Thank you for such a wonderful session.

Maharashtra Day

1st June 2023

Maharashtra Day is a significant day for the people of Maharashtra, as it marks the formation of the state. On 1May,2023 we celebrated Maharashtra Day in our school. The day began with the hoisting of the flag by our Vice – Principal Mrs. Jayanti Kotian and our Supervisor Mr. Dilip Lad. Our students then sang the Maharashtra Song ” Jai Jai Maharashtra”. The entire staff were dressed up in Maharashtrian Attire. There was different stalls put by our teacher of delicious Maharashtrian food. The ambience manifested Maharashtrian Culture. Everyone enjoyed the delicious food items. Overall the function was a memorable one.

Magic Show

17th April 2023

Magic is something that is liked by all age groups especially children. To provide some relaxing and refreshing moments away from regular classroom teaching, a magic show was organised by tha management of our school for students of 1st to 4th grade. The Magician OMKAR was a seventh grade student from Bangalore. He performed some tricks which were really unbelievable. The Magician also involved the students in the magic trick that proved hands on experience for them. All the time he kept the student’s spell bound with his tricks. Last he also taught our kids a simple magic trick. On the whole the show was amazing and our students were exhilarated to see a number of magic tricks.

A mission to save hearts

9th march 2023


Heart disease is one of the commonest causes of death in India today. To overcome this fright the Management of Purushottam High School decided to initiate through REVIVE HEART FOUNDATION CARE AND HOLY FAMILY to give a first hand practical experience that is through demonstration & PPT explanation. Staff members & guide students benefitted thoroughly through this session. Madam Sumaiya Raghav & her team did a stupendous job by helping us as how to differentiate between a cardiac arrest & a heart attack patient. She also showed us how to revive a patient who suffered a cardiac arrest through a demonstration. Thus the session enlightened each & every one in the audience.

Health and Hygiene

3rd march 2023

Dr Yugali conducted a seminar for the students of std IX girls .Nearly 155 girls participated in this session. The topic was on health & hygiene for the adolescent girls.She gave various tips on how to lead a healthy living by having healthy food.They were also informed about clean menstrual management and regarding the proper disposal of sanitary pads or tampons ie by wrapping in a newspaper or toilet paper in a garbage bin but should not be flushed down in the toilet as it may clog the drainage system and lead to flooding of the toilet. Awareness was created among the students regarding the proper use & cleaning of the inner wear to protect ones body.

Finally she concluded her session by stressing on the importance of specific hygiene and health requirements of girls during menstruation.

Annual Tiger Fest

17th February 2023

Annual Tiger Fest was conducted on 17th February by Sanctuary Nature Foundation at Maharashtra Nature Park Divison (Dharavi).There were various activities &competitions for the students. 56 students participated in various activities and enjoyed it. They also won various prizes in various competitions.

54th Annual Day

11th February 2023

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Annual Event

8th February 2023

[Public Concern for Governance Trust]

Teacher’s Incharge:
1. Mrs Sangeeta Yadav
2. Mrs Neelam Singh

PCGT (Public Concerned For Governance Trust) organised a cultural programme at Shanmukhnand Hall. Nearly 15 students participated and enlightened the minds of the audience with an action song ‘Tera Mangal Mera Mangal sabka mangal hoye ray’. Thus invoked the blessings of God and generated peace, love & spirituality in each one’s mind.
The chief Guest Bittu Sahgal gave a motivational speech on Environment Protection and Patriotism and made the audience aware that ‘ Environment is no one’s property to Destroy: It’s Everyone’s Responsibility to Protect.’

KIDZANIA Educational Trip

31st January 2023

Our Educational Excursion Trip to Kidzania for Grade 1 to Grade 5 began at 8.00am in the morning as all our kids started gathering in school at the given time.The children were then directed to the allocated bus according to their grades. At 8.55 am with a short prayer in our bus we left for kidzania.The kids were very excited as well as very curious for their trip.Their excited face and curiosity in their eyes could be well noticed. While traveling in the bus the students were provided with snacks by Adventure people which included sandwich, biscuit and a juice. The teachers were also given snack box.We reached Kidzania by 9.45am.The students were then directed to go inside with all their entry formalities.
The kids enjoyed all the different activities like making of kinder Joy, Donought, Pizza etc. There were other informative activities like Fire extinguisher process, Taking care in ambulance, Parle -G Biscuit making process etc .The kids were seen enjoying and learning from each and every activity.They actually practiced the “Learning By Doing” method. They also learned the exchange and utilization of money and the practice and efforts involved in earning money. The co-ordination and arrangements for students and teachers by the team of Adventure was remarkable.The food arrangement by them for students was very appropriate for kids and they enjoyed it to the core.
The arrangement for teachers was commendable as everything was taken care of.
The children enthusiasm was still not over as it was the time to go home.They returned with good memories and great learning.
We reached school by 4.30 and has decided the parents had come to school gate to pick their kids.
The trip came to an end with good memories.
Thank you to the school management for arranging such an amazing and informative trip for our kids.

Bird Committee Republic Day at Bandstand

26th January 2023

PURUSHOTTAM HIGH SCHOOL along with 18 schools celebrated the 74th REPUBLIC DAY at Bandstand with great fervour. Thr chief guest VICE ADMIRAL KRISHNA SWAMINATHAN along other service personnel , Hon.Advocate Ashish Shelar ( MLA ) many other dignitaries graced the August gathering. Children from various schools displayed an impressive parade and outstanding performance
of various folk dances representing different states of India.The folk dance of Uttarakhand performed by the students of Purushottam High School and the parade at the Band stand were appreciated by all.
The programme concluded with the vote of thanks proposed by the Director Purushottam High School Mrs. Prema Kotian thanking all the guests, principals, teachers and students.

वृत्तांत लेखन

१४ जानेवारी ते २० जानेवारी २०२

स्थळ : पुरुषोत्तम हायस्कूल

दि. १४ जानेवारी हा दिवस व्यवसाय मार्गदर्शन दिन म्हणून साजरा करण्यात येतो. त्या अनुषंगाने दि.१४/१/२०२३ ते २०/१/२०२३ या कालावधीत सदर अभियानांतर्गत आमच्या
संस्थेच्या शैक्षणिक संचालिका श्रीमती प्रेमा कोटियन मॅडम,
मुख्याध्यापिका श्रीमती प्रसन्ना मोहनदास मॅडम व उपमुख्याध्यापिका श्रीमती जयंती कोटियन मॅडम यांच्या आधिपत्याखाली आमची शाळा पुरुषोत्तम हायस्कूल येथे इयत्ता नववी व दहावीच्या विद्यार्थ्यांसाठी विविध कार्यक्रमांचे आयोजन करण्यात आले होते. शिक्षिका श्रीमती ज्योती उच्छील यांच्या मार्गदर्शनाखाली कार्यक्रमाचे नियोजन करण्यात आले .शाळेतील माजी यशस्वी विद्यार्थी श्रीयुत समीर गोरे यांनी इयत्ता दहावीच्या विद्यार्थ्यांना जीवनात उज्वल भवितव्य घडण्यासाठी व्यावसायिक मार्गदर्शन दिले. अमृता राय विद्यार्थिनीने माजी विद्यार्थी श्रीयुत समीर गोरे यांची मुलाखत घेतली.इयत्ता नववीच्या विद्यार्थ्यांसाठी अंतरंग संस्थेतर्फे श्रीमती आयुशी राजपूत यांनी १४ व्याख्याने घेण्यात आले व प्रचार आयोजित करण्यात आले.व्याख्यानाच्या आधारावर प्रश्नमंजुषा स्पर्धा आयोजित करण्यात आली. २०/०१/२०२३ रोजी विद्यार्थ्यांनी ज्या
व्यावसायिक क्षेत्रात आवड आहे त्यांचे चित्र रेखाटले. शाळेत त्या चित्रांचे प्रदर्शन भरविण्यात आले प्रदर्शनाच्या दिवशी कार्यक्रमाची सांगता करण्यात आली.

Healthy Snacking Workshop

18th January 2023

Healthy Snacking workshop was conducted for the students of Grade Seven.The students were asked to share their views on balanced diet. The team members from Cornado informed the students about the different food items that come under balanced diet and its importance. They also informed about the harmful effects of consuming junk food and how it can affect one’s health.They advised the students to have healthy snack made of corn that is CORNADO CONES .The session was an interactive one.The students participated in the activity and were gifted with Cornado packets. They enjoyed the workshop.

Career Guidance session by Antarang Foundation

18th January 2023

Purushottam High School: A career guidance programme of fourteen sessions comprising of seven days by the non-profit organisation ‘ ‘Antarang’for the students of standard IX is being conducted in our school since Thursday, 12th January, 2023. In these sessions the students are being given information regarding career making decisions and career planning for them to stand out in this hugely competitive environment. In each session the facilitator of ‘Antarang’, Ms. Ayushi Singh Rajput enlightened the students of Goal setting and steps to choose a career by giving them different levels of aptitude tests to gauge the IQ of the students. Similar sessions for the students of Std. X shall commence from 23rd January, 2023 onwards.

H Ward Science Exhibition

13th January 2023

D/P We are indeed very proud to announce that we have received the, BEST SCHOOL AWARD for the 5th consecutive year in the H – WARD SCIENCE EXHIBITION (2022 – 2023) which was held at St Teresa’s Convent High School Santacruz. We could achieve only because of the hard work of our dear students,teachers , managing committee and because of the co-operation of our parents. Let us all keep the hard work going together.
Director/HMs – PHS/NKS/ SSS.

H Ward Science Exhibition

12th January 2023

Purushottam High school received the following prizes at the H ward science exhibition ( second day)held in St Teresa’s convent High school Santacruz west
Folk dance Junior: 1st prize
Folk dance Senior: 1st prize
Band : Third prize
Lezim:Third prize
Group singing: 1st prize
Monoacting Sr group: 2nd prize
Monoacting Teachers: 1st prize
Teaching Aid: 3rd prize
Science exhibit Senior: Consolation
Hearty congratulations to students, teachers and parents.


D/P , We are happy to announce about the achievements of our students in the field of academics.

1) Science Olympiad exam conducted by SOF(Science olympiad foundation)
Six students bagged Gold medal.
1. Shaikh Zoya Mohammed (7B)
2.Ansari Ehtasham Z (7B)
3.Shaikh Mohd Altamash (7D)
4.Mulani Saud Altaf (8C)
5.Mallah Ayush Ramesh (8F)
6.Jaiswar Ankit Kumar (8F)

2) Scholarship exam conducted by Maharashtra state government.
Three students are Merit holders in this exam.
1.Md Armaan md Mustafa Sk(6E)
2. Diya Kamlesh Dayma (9 C)
3.Sushant Chenna Poojary (9C)

Hearty congratulations to all 💐

Christmas celebration

23rd December 2022

This year our school celebrated Christmas Day by organizing a Skit Of Birth Of Jesus . Our children did a very beautiful job and enacted the skit very well. All kids were bought grade wise down to watch the Skit. Teachers from STD I to V also conducted various activities in class with their students like singing, games ,dancing etc. Students shared their snacks with each other. Teachers gave students Christmas Gifts. All students and faculty members were very excited and happy. It was a fun-filled day for kids and teachers. The theme for the day was Red and white. Every child had a smile in their face when they left.

Street play on cleanliness

22nd December 2022

“If people of India can reach Mars with minimal expenditure, why can they not keep their streets and colonies clean.” – PM Narendra Modi on Swach Bharath.
A group of talented Students from Purushottam High School picked an effective platform such as street play to display their creativity and convey an important social message. Students performed a Hindi street play to highlight the social reality on cleanliness and put across their message ‘स्वच्छ मुंबई माझी मुंबई”
This initiative was taken by the school with the aim to motivate students to become active agents of a sustainable and healthy environment. The students got actively involved in it and showed great enthusiasm and creativity to convey their message to the audience.
Students performed a Hindi street play to highlight the social reality on cleanliness and put across their message on clean Mumbai.
The students explored and realised the importance of Hindi as a language to communicate to the masses. Although it seemed like a tough task, our students performed it beautifully and with grace. This unique exposure enlightened them on aspects of self-reliance and teamwork.
Students performed the street play near school and also in three places on the street under the guidance of our Director Madam Mrs.Prema Kotian , Principal Mrs Prasanna Mohandas , Vice principal Mrs.Jayanti Kotian , Supervisor Mr Dilip Lad and .Trs In charge were Mr.Pratap Mokase , Mr Rajiv Lahot and Manisha Kharat.

Mental Health - How To Reduce Examination Stress

22nd December 2022

“You are braver than you
believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.”-Christopher Robin .

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological and social well being.It affects how we think, feel and act.Mental health is important at every stage of life ,from childhood and adolescence through adulthood.
Today’s sessions on mental Health -How to reduce examination stress was conducted by the team of Mpower Project ( Aditya Birla Trust) for the students of std. VI D,E, VII D,E,VIII A and IX A.

It was a need of the hour as Unit test exam is round the corner and fear of not performing well causes great anxiety and stress amongst the students.

The objective of the session was to sensitize the students about the importance of mental health and symptoms of examination stress and equip them with the skills and strategies to manage examination stress, educate them in various ways with which they can deal the stress and most importantly, be at ease and confident for the upcoming examination.

Some tips and strategies were shared by the team to the students for reducing the examination stress:
1. Planning of studies before exams
2.Take regular break while studying for exams.
3. Take proper rest
4.Eat Healthy Diet.
5.Practice Progressive Muscle Relaxation
6. Exercise regularly
7. Take calming breaths
8. 3Ps i.e Planning,Preparation and Practice.
9. On exam day read the question paper slowly and understand the questions.
10. Time management for solving the questions….etc.
The students shared their issues with regards to concentration and focus, and got their questions effectively answered. This session, thus provided an opportunity to share and practice how to prevent and manage the stress during examination. The session came to an end and helped the students in generating self-awareness and positivity among them and deals with exam stress like winners.

It is rightly said ” Before anything else,Preparation is the key to success.

Thanks to team Mpower for such a wonderful and helpful session. 🙏🏻

Competitions Organised by the Mohalla Committee Movement Trust and Mumbai Police


The Mohalla committee along with Mumbai police jointly conducted ‘On The Spot Poster Competition’ and Essay Writing Competition on 7th December. There were 40 participants in the poster competition and 38 in the Essay Writing Competition. The children were asked to draw and write on the topic COMMUNAL HARMONY AND NATIONAL INTEGRATION .They could write in English, Hindi,Marathi or Urdu.The rules of the Competition were explained to the students by Director Madam Prema Kotian. Executive Chairman Of Mohalla Committee & Ex Commissioner Of Navi Mumbai K L PRASAD, BKC SR.POLICE INSPECTOR MR. VISHRAM ABHYANKAR,NIRMAL NAGAR SR POLICE INSPECTOR SHRIMANT SHINDE ,SURAIYYA MADAM and ZAKIRA MADAM facilitator of the Mohalla committee graced this function. The guest K L PRASAD enlightened the children as to why the Competition was organised .The guests as well as the judges MRS VIJAYALAXMI NAIK and MR SUDHAKAR SAWANT were felicitated.The guest felicitated the prize winners with cash prizes and certificates.The results of the Poster Competition were declared at the end of the day but the results of Essay Competition is awaited .The judges of the Poster Competition gave five consolation prizes in addition to the prizes arranged by the Mohalla committee. The function concluded with a vote of thanks by Mrs Jayanthi Kotian thanking everyone.

Sanctuary Asia Wildlife Photography Awards Ceremony

Tata Theatre NCPA
Nariman Point.


Activity of Nature Club.

Teacher who attended the event:-
Mrs Vijayalakshmi Pandey.

The prestigious event of wildlife photography awards is a much awaited one as great photographers who are selected for these awards have done their job par excellence.
Those who graced this event with their presence were film actress Dia Mirza, Boman Irani, Mr. Bittu Sahgal and the team of Kids for Tigers as well as the Sanctuary Asia team.
Photographers from all over Asia try their level best to bag these awards.

अभियान :- माझी मुंबई, स्वच्छ मुंबई

स्थळ :- पुरुषोत्तम हायस्कूल
अभियान :- माझी मुंबई, स्वच्छ मुंबई
दिनांक :-९ डिसेंबर ,२०२२

जिल्हा नियोजन समिती व बृहन्मुंबई महानगरपालिका यांच्या सहकार्याने दि.१ डिसेंबर,२०२२ ते दि. ३१ डिसेंबर, २०२२ या कालावधीत मुंबईत राबवल्या जाणाऱ्या ‘माझी मुंबई,स्वच्छ मुंबई’ अभियानात आमच्या पुरुषोत्तम हायस्कूल ने सहभाग घेतला आहे.त्या अनुषंगाने आमच्या शाळेत महिनाभर विविध उपक्रमांचे आयोजन करण्यात येत आहे.
दि. ५ डिसेंबर, २०२२ ते दि. ९ डिसेंबर,२०२२या कालावधीत पुरुषोत्तम हायस्कूलमध्ये वक्तृत्व स्पर्धा व घोषवाक्ये (स्लोगण) तयार करणे, हे दोन उपक्रम राबविण्यात आले.दि.५ डिसेंबर रोजी शिक्षकांनी इ.५ वी ते इ.७वी च्या विद्यार्थ्यांना वक्तृत्व स्पर्धेसाठी पुढील विषय देऊन मार्गदर्शन केले. विषय :-(१)उघड्यावर किंवा
नाल्यामध्ये कचरा टाकण्याचे दुष्परिणाम.
(२)प्लास्टिक टाळा ,कापडी पिशवी वापरा.
इ.८ वी ते इ. ९वी च्या विद्यार्थ्यांना देखील शिक्षकांनी स्वच्छतेविषयक स्लोगण तयार करण्यासाठी मार्गदर्शन केले.
दि.९ डिसेंबर, २०२२ रोजी दोन्ही उपक्रमांची प्रत्यक्ष कार्यवाही करण्यात आली.दोन्ही उपक्रमात विद्यार्थ्यांनी उत्स्फूर्तपणे सहभाग घेतला. इ.५वी ते इ.७वी च्या वक्तृत्व स्पर्धेमध्ये १५ विद्यार्थ्यांनी कचरा टाकण्याचे दुष्परिणाम, स्वच्छता,पर्यावरण याविषयी आपले विचार मांडले व सर्व विद्यार्थ्यांना प्लास्टिक पिशव्या टाळून कापडी पिशव्या वापरण्याबाबत आवाहन केले.इ.८वी ते इ.१०वी च्या १७ विद्यार्थ्यांनी स्वच्छते विषयक आकर्षक घोषवाक्ये (स्लोगण) तयार करून सर्व वर्गातील विद्यार्थ्यांना दाखवले.प्रत्येक वर्गाबाहेर असलेल्या सूचनाफलकावरती ती घोषवाक्ये लावण्यात आले.
सदर उपक्रम आमच्या संस्थेच्या शैक्षणिक संचालिका प्रेमा कोटियन मॅडम, मुख्याध्यापिका प्रसन्ना मोहनदास मॅडम, उपमुख्याध्यापिका जयंती कोटियन मॅडम व पर्यवेक्षक श्री.दिलीप लाड सर यांच्या मार्गदर्शनाखाली यशस्वीपणे पार पडला.

अभियान : जागतिक दिव्यांग दिन व समान संधी दिवस

दिनांक : ३ डिसेंबर, २०२२ ते ९ डिसेंबर, २०२२.

दि. ३ डिसेंबर हा दिवस जागतिक दिव्यांग दिन म्हणून साजरा करण्यात येतो. त्या अनुषंगाने दि.३/१२/२०२२ ते ९/१२/२०२२ या कालावधीत आमची शाळा पुरुषोत्तम हायस्कूल येथे बालकांसाठी व पालकांसाठी परिसंवाद ,चर्चासत्र व सांस्कृतिक कार्यक्रमांचे आयोजन करण्यात आले होते.
दिनांक ३ डिसेंबर २०२२ रोजी सदर अभियानांतर्गत आमच्या संस्थेच्या शैक्षणिक संचालिका श्री. प्रेमा कोटियन मॅडम , मुख्याध्यापिका श्री. प्रसन्ना मोहनदास मॅडम व उपमुख्याध्यापिका श्री. जयंती कोटियन मॅडम यांच्या अधिपत्याखाली विद्यार्थ्यांना व पालकांना आमंत्रित करण्यात आले व शाळेच्या सभागृहात त्यांना बसवून त्यांच्याजवळ मुख्याध्यापिका व शिक्षिका सौ. प्रज्ञा गमरे यांनी परिसंवाद साधला. तसेच प्रत्येक पालकाजवळ आपल्या विद्यार्थ्यांना बसवून त्यांच्या सहवासाने व आधाराने मुलांचे धैर्य वाढविले. त्यांना दिव्यांग विद्यार्थी म्हणजे काय ? त्यासाठी सरकारने कोणकोणत्या सुविधा राबविल्या किंवा उपलब्ध केल्या आहेत ? या संदर्भात सविस्तर माहिती दिली. त्याचप्रमाणे काही दिव्यांग भारतीय तारे म्हणून देशात चमकले गेले त्यांच्या चित्रफितीवर दाखविण्यात आल्या. उदाहरणार्थ नृत्यांगना सुधा चंद्रन , संगीतकार रवींद्र जैन , बॅडमिंटन खेळाडू गिरीश शर्मा इत्यादी व त्याद्वारे विद्यार्थ्यांचे मनोबळ वाढविण्यात आले.
दिनांक ३ डिसेंबर ते ९ डिसेंबर या उपक्रमात दिव्यांग विद्यार्थ्यांची संगीत स्पर्धा , नृत्य स्पर्धा , पथनाट्य अशा नाना प्रकारच्या स्पर्धा आमच्या शाळेत घेण्यात आल्या व विद्यार्थ्यांना काही पारितोषिके देऊन त्यांना भावी आयुष्यासाठी प्रेरित करण्यात आले.
अशाप्रकारे दि.३/१२/२०२२ ते दि. ९/१२/२०२२ या कालावधीत आम्ही आमच्या पुरुषोत्तम हायस्कूलमध्ये दिव्यांग मुलांसाठी व त्यांना समान संधी मिळावी या उद्देशाने विविध उपक्रम यशस्वीपणे पार पाडले.

Report on माझी मुंबई स्वच्छ मुंबई

Venue: Juhu Beach
DATE:1st December 2022
Teacher incharge:
Mrs. Pradnya P Gamare
Mrs. Jayshree G Chury

We reached the venue at 8.30 along with 10 students of scout and guide. The session started with the speech from Shri Mangal Prabhat Lodha,(Minister of skill development and Entrepreneurship of Maharashtra.) He guide the crowd about the importance of cleanliness. He also stated that children are the future of our country. If message of cleanliness is spread through young minds the objective of clean city will be achieved in no time. The students were given hand gloves, masks and caps for the same. Each group were given the responsibility of cleaning the areas and passing the message of माझी मुंबई स्वच्छ मुंबई. We were given the task of taking a rally with our students which started from Juhu Beach to S. N.D.T College. Students carrying Banners of माझी मुंबई स्वच्छ मुंबई and giving slogans passed the message of cleanliness to the people of Mumbai. Students themselves cleaned the surrounding areas and realised the hard work done by the Brihanmubai Municipal Corporation and saluted them. At the end of the activity students were given refreshments and took the pledge to carry the message wherever they go.

Children’s Day

Date : 14th November,2022
Venue : Purushottam High School

“Children’s Day is the happiest day of every child’s life. Every child is special and unique. Let’s make their childhood memorable by ensuring them a better life”.
Keeping this quote in mind, we celebrated Children’s Day in Purushottam High School with a tag that said “No Bag Day”. A day marking childhood, and to make this event a memorable our management had arranged special joyful rides and game host for our students. There was also drawing competition conducted for our kids. Seeing the rides our kids were amazed and their enthusiasm was high. Every child had a smile on their face while enjoying the rides and playing games with the game host. We had Mini Train, Jumping Jack and Trampoline. Kids were taken grade wise and they enjoyed each and every ride. Not only our kids but our parents were very happy seeing smile on their child’s face. After enjoying the rides and playing the games kids were taken back to their class where they had their drawing competition and biscuits were distributed to them by our school management.
The students were overwhelmed and enjoyed the day.