Examination & Promotion

  1. Three will be two Unit Tests and two Semester Examinations for std IX every year and reports intimating the result will be issued to the Parents/Guardians. The Final result will be on the basis of the avrage marks obtained in unit Test and Semester Examination.

  2. For std. I to VIII besides the Summative Evaluation, (I Semester & II Semester), Formative Evaluation will be carried out throughout the year in the form of Day to Day Observation / Oral Work / practical’s / Activities / Project / OPen Book Tests / Home Work and Class Work / others which will be considered for giving the final Grades.

  3. Promotion to next higher class will depend not only on the result of the semester examination but also on assignments, projects, result of the Unit Tests and the progress made throughout the year.

  4. Student found copying or using unfair means in any examination or test will loos the marks in the subject for that examination.